Touchable surfaces that never stop self-cleaning.

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100% Toxin Free

Nanotouch self‑cleaning surfaces are the innovative, trusted, and cost‑effective way to manage high‑touch surfaces in high‑traffic areas.

Weill Cornell Medicine
US Navy

Just a few of the organizations that use Nanotouch to keep their facilities clean and their customers feeling cared for.


We cover 10 million touchpoints across the globe


Demonstrates you care about cleanliness.

There’s a new expectation of cleanliness today. Nanotouch visibly shows that you care about the wellbeing of those who depend on your facility for work, business, learning, socializing and traveling.


Creates healthier, greener spaces.

Unlike standard cleaners that rely on harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and poisons, Nanotouch’s self-cleaning process uses nanotechnology and the natural power of light, making it totally toxin-free.


Works continuously.

Nanotouch never stops self-cleaning—oxidizing contaminants—at a microscopic level, elevating your existing hygiene routine by acting as a “clean multiplier.”


Clean is a competitive advantage

85% of consumers we surveyed are more likely to support businesses that take extra steps to maintain a clean facility.

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