Multiple chemical disinfecting products in disarray juxtaposed against toxin-free Nanotouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces

People across America are mobile again. Many are back working at their company’s offices, while others are socializing outside of the home and traveling for the holidays. In each case, cleanliness is a considerable concern.

A recent survey by Stratus Building Solutions found that 94% said even when most people are vaccinated, they expect businesses to place a special emphasis on cleaning and sanitizing.

Moreover, CNBC surveyed executives from top positions at major U.S. companies, 84% of whom listed employee health and wellness as very important to work plans, easily outpacing employee productivity (72%) as the most important factor in a post-pandemic work model.

It’s clear: Clean has become more complicated.

Chances are, you’ve seen firsthand how things changed in 2020. For one, you’ve had to become an expert on all-things clean – on top of your existing responsibilities. Cleanliness is at the very heart of our business. We get it and that’s why we created toxin-free, surfaces that self-clean, 24/7. It may sound like science fiction, but it is indeed science.

How do our self-cleaning surfaces work?

Our Self-Cleaning Surfaces utilize mineral nanocrystals and light to naturally oxidize contaminants. That means when someone touches any of our surfaces, light powers an oxidation process that breaks down any contaminants that were transferred. 

Ever since we found ourselves in the “new normal,” workers and building occupants want to see clean. As part of your protocols, Nanotouch surfaces provide that visible proof, clearly communicating that your facility puts a premium on hygiene.

In short, we’re here to help you create cleaner spaces that instill a much-needed sense of security. Clean may have become more complicated, but there’s good news: It can provide new opportunities for you to showcase your commitment to keeping your facilities as protected as possible.


Nanotouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces has been recognized with the 2016 and 2017 ISSA Innovation Award and the 2021 Vision Award from, among other awards. We’re trusted by nearly 30 of the leading pharmaceutical companies, the Top-10 commercial real estate service providers, 250 educational campuses, major financial institutions, American professional sports leagues and all levels of government to foster a cleaner workplace environment.