Before/After image showing old and new product design

By now, we hope you’ve heard the news: NanoSeptic has become Nanotouch. And with that new name comes a new corporate design and website, and perhaps most important, a new look for our market-leading line of products.

To say we’re excited is an understatement.

After nearly ten years as NanoSeptic – a period when we built our brand and reputation across a variety of industries – the obvious question is: Why change? After all, we’ve shipped some 10 million touchpoints since opening our doors, and there’s something to be said for brand equity. While there are numerous factors that go into such a decision, the short answer is because we have been listening to our customers.

Almost 9 in 10 customers prefer Nanotouch

Today, rebranding as Nanotouch is driven by a few noteworthy factors.

First, an overwhelming number of customers – 87% in fact – tell us it’s their preferred name. Not a lot of ambiguity there. But along with that sentiment also comes a desire among facilities managers and building owners to help better explain the nature of our product, a technology that is not intuitively understood. Because it’s important to them that tenants recognize the commitment to clean that they are making, the new name can better communicate who we are and why safety-conscious facilities managers have turned to us. Toward that end, we’ll be providing an array of resources that convey “the future of clean.”

Lastly, we’re about to turn the volume up on our marketing efforts. Most of our customers to date have come to us by virtue of the viral nature of the product. That kind of organic growth speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our surfaces and reflects real concerns about improving the safety of facilities. This is exactly why we plan to turn 10 million touchpoints across the globe into to 100 million – it’s our mission to create a cleaner, healthier world.

This is what clean looks like

While we expect this kind of virality to continue, we also have plans to move more aggressively on the marketing front, and you will be seeing the Nanotouch brand much more visibly. In fact, it’s our expectation that Nanotouch surfaces will become synonymous with clean, and as common as having corporate First Aid kits on every floor. Tenants and visitors will begin asking why the surfaces in their building are not covered by Nanotouch products.

Our new surfaces are quite a departure from the old. Previously, our primary design was bold, conspicuous symbol of “green and clean” that reflects a building manager’s commitment to safety. But that look and feel did not always coordinate with more corporate environments and sophisticated aesthetics. Our new look is sleek and clean and designed to complement your interior spaces. We offer three different colors so you can pick the one that matches your facility's style, or switch among them every 90 days to communicate that you regularly replace Nanotouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces according to efficacy guidelines and best practices.

In many ways, our new name, brand and visual identity represents a new starting place, and in the months ahead, we’ll be introducing new products and delve into new industries. But just as important, what has not changed is the effectiveness of our products, the environmentally friendly way in which they are produced and our commitment to our clients.

Welcome to Nanotouch. Clean never looked so good.