Full Sample Kit

Full Sample Kit

All of our business products in one convenient package.


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Kit includes the items listed below. You'll get a combination of our three different product colors to try out!

  • 3” x 4” Handle Wrap 
  • 4” x 6” Handle Wrap
  • 4” x 9” Push Bar Wrap
  • 3.6” x 12” Push Bar Wrap
  • 4” x 18” Push Bar Wrap
  • Cut Your Own
  • 6” x 9” Push Pad
  • ADA Push Pad 
  • Small Mat
  • Medium Mat
  • Large Mat
  • Small Counter Mat
  • Large Counter Mat
  • Mouse Pad
  • TV Channel Guide
  • Tissue Box Cover 
  • Door Handle Sleeve
  • Doorknob Sleeve
  • Flush Handle Sleeve
  • Bathroom Stall Latch Sleeve
  • Light Switch Sleeve
  • Elevator Button Cover, Round 
  • 9x12 Touchscreen Film
  • Product Guide

Any facility, office, or school

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